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Introduction To Geophysical Prospecting PDF Free Download

An advanced book of Geophysical Outlook. This book has outstanding command of the feature related to Geophysical Prospecting. The Fourth Edition of this book includes updated information of this field. The role of Geophysics in the Petroleum Industry is explained in it. In this book, updated Processing techniques of Geophysics are represented in cracking detail. To read this book in soft format click on the download option and study the knowledge related to Geophysical Prospecting. You can look over the main features of this book.

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Introduction To Geophysical Prospecting 4th Edition PDF Free Download


Introduction To Geophysical Prospecting PDF Features

The following are the features of this book.

  • It contains advanced concepts and the latest knowledge of Geophysical Prospecting
  • Written by a well Qualified Author.
  • This edition contains the necessary text on exploration and Seismic surveys.
  • Available in both hard and soft copies.
  • It is written in easy wording, Understanding, and a Friendly way

Table of Contents

Chapter No1: The Place of Geophysics in Oil and Mineral Exploration

Chapter No2: How Seismic Waves Propagate

Chapter No3: Seismic Recording Instruments

Chapter No4: Acquiring Seismic Reflection Data on Land

Chapter No5: Acquisition of Seismic Data on Water-Covered Areas

Chapter No6: Computer Systems and Digital Filtering Concepts in Seismic Data Processing

Chapter No7: Seismic Data Processing

Chapter No8: Structural Geological Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data

Chapter No9: Seismic Stratigraphy, Modeling and Inversion, and Hydrocarbons Indicators

Chapter No10: 3D Seismic Exploration

Chapter No11: Seismic Refraction Prospecting

Chapter No12: Gravity Prospecting: Principles and Instruments

Chapter No13: Gravity Field Measurements and Reductions

Chapter No14: Interpretation of Gravity Data

Chapter No15: Magnetic Prospecting: Fundamentals, Principles, and Instruments

Chapter No16: Magnetic Surveying Techniques

Chapter No17: Interpretation of Magnetic Data

Chapter No18: Electrical and Electromagnetic Prospecting Methods 

Introduction To Geophysical Prospecting  PDF Free Download

Faizan Gul

I am Faizan Gul, a Blogger and Petroleum Engineering graduate from Quetta, Balochistan. My aim for creating this website is to provide free books for the students and professionals working in different departments of Petroleum Engineering.

2 thoughts on “Introduction To Geophysical Prospecting PDF Free Download

  • Sema Ukpong

    This is great Mr Gul. But I can’t access the book i wanted downloading. To aid me in writing my Project. Please would you mind sending it to my mail.

    • Faizan Gul

      The book is available. Please, click the green ‘Download File Now’ button!


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