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Mechanics of Drilling Pdf Free Download

Mechanics of Drilling Introduction:

While being a drilling engineer you know to set up a drilling rig, making fluids, and rest of of the process, you must also be aware of the mechanics of the components such as drill string and also of the well. It might be easier for someone who came with a degree of mechanical engineering but a petroleum engineer should know too. For this purpose, you need a book like mechanics of drilling which talks about different mechanics of drilling engineering.

You are going to know about concepts such as stresses in a drill string, advanced tubular mechanics, shear stresses, combined loading, and other different concepts of mechanics. There are concepts of mechanics related to the well which you can read and understand from this book. At the end of this article, you can get the free Mechanics of Drilling Pdf from our site and get to read this book.

Mechanics of Drilling Pdf

Mechanics of Drilling Pdf Features.

Here is a list of few features that which you are going to get from this book.

  1. You can get the free Mechanics of Drilling Pdf and if you want, you get its hard copy as well.
  2. The book talks about all the concepts related to mechanics of drilling such as stresses in a drill string, advanced tubular mechanics, shear stresses, combined loading, and other different concepts of mechanics.
  3. It contains all the important formulas to find these values.
  4. Every topics is explained with a basics definition, diagram, formulas, and tables.
  5. The wording of the book is very easy and understandable.

Table of Contents.

Here is a list of all the chapters in the book.

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction.
  2. Chapter 2: Stresses in a Drill String.
  3. Chapter 3: Failure.
  4. Chapter 4: Buoyancy Effects.
  5. Chapter 5: Loading Mechanisms.
  6. Chapter 6: Well Friction.
  7. Chapter 7: The Catenary Well Profile.
  8. Chapter 8: Analysis of Stuck Pipe in Deviated boreholes.
  9. Chapter 9: Design of wellpath and Bottom-Hole Assembly.
  10. Chapter 10. Depth Measurement Errors.
  11. Chapter 11: Related Topics.
    Solutions to Selected Problems.

Download Mechanics of Drilling Pdf Free.


Faizan Gul

I am Faizan Gul, a Blogger and Petroleum Engineering graduate from Quetta, Balochistan. My aim for creating this website is to provide free books for the students and professionals working in different departments of Petroleum Engineering.

2 thoughts on “Mechanics of Drilling Pdf Free Download

  • April 15, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Dear Faizan

    Good day and thank you for your website.
    I am working in the field of drilling and preparing to study for PHD. I try to download one the books that u uploaded here. It is Mechanics of Drilling by Brent Aadnoy. I will be thankful if you could share this book with me.

    Thank you

    • April 18, 2017 at 11:18 pm

      We have uploaded the book for you. Kindly, just click the red ‘Download PDF’ button and you will get it.


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