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Petroleum Geology of Pakistan by Iqbal B.Kadri PDF Free Download

If you want to study about Petroleum Geology Pakistan, You must readout this book. It contains a great detail of the Geological history of Pakistan. Petroleum Geology of Pakistan by Iqbal.B.Kadri has a one of that book which has the huge contribution to Oil and Gas Industry of Pakistan. A well-known book of Petroleum geology which is recommended almost in every academic course in Pakistan. This book Contains twenty-five chapters including the list of illustrations. If you want to study Petroleum geology of Pakistan, You must click on download button and get this great book absolutely free. Following are the main features of this book.

Petroleum Geology of Pakistan by Iqbal B.Kadri PDF Free Download

Petroleum Geology of Pakistan by Iqbal B.Kadri PDF

  • One of the well-recognized book of Petroleum geology of Pakistan.
  • If you want to study the basic concept of Pakistan Geology, this is the best book you can get.
  • All the information contained in the book is updated with the latest knowledge from Petroleum Geology of Pakistan.
  • This handbook is available both in soft and hard formats.
  • It is very easy to read since wording are easy and you can understand the concepts easily.
  • All the topics are explained with their background, basic definitions, and also with the good

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Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Introduction

Chapter No2: History of Petroleum Exploration

Chapter No3: Tectonic Frame Work

Chapter No4: Sedimentary Basins and Their Evolution

Chapter No5: Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Chapter No6: Precambrian

Chapter No7: Cambrian

Chapter No8: Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, and Carboniferous

Chapter No9: Permian

Chapter No10: Triassic

Chapter No11: Jurassic

Chapter No12: Cretaceous

Chapter No13: Paleocene

Chapter No14: Eocene

Chapter No15: Post Eocene

Chapter No16: Off Shore Indus

Chapter No17: Baluchistan Basin

Chapter No18: Source Rock and Geothermal Gradients

Chapter No19: Gas Composition and Genesis

Chapter No20: Drilling Conditions

Chapter No21: Structural Styles and Petroleum Plays

Chapter No22: Producing Potential Oil and Gas Reservoir

Chapter No23: Oil and Gas Sheep

Chapter No24: Legal Frame Work

Chapter No25: Economics of Petroleum Exploration/Production

Petroleum Geology of Pakistan by Iqbal B.Kadri PDF Free Download

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