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Formation Evaluation

Well Logging and Formation Evaluation PDF Free Download

Well, Logging and Formation Evaluation is an essential book that assists Petrophysicists during on-job duty. It includes all the methods which are required of a Petrophysicists. While petrophysics plays a vital role in reservoir characteristics. This book has a great command of such kinds of properties. Being a Petroleum engineer you must undergo these logging techniques. Differently advanced well-logging methods are explained in it. A list of seven appendices is given in the last of this book which is going to help you a lot.

A Well Logging and Formation Evaluation book is a helpful guide in the petroleum engineering field. This book offers practical tips and techniques that are valuable to petroleum engineering students. Perfect engineers grow quickly in their day-to-day jobs with the help of well-logging and formation evaluation pdf. Based on the author’s many years of genuine research working in petroleum engineering companies around the globe. This guide is easy to understand and contains a collection of techniques and rules of thumb that works instantly. There is no other single book like formation evaluation techniques PDF that covers all aspects of well logging and formation evaluation topics.

A completely updated edition with the latest practical techniques and current working applications. The primary works of petroleum engineers are to ensure the students that they are on the right operational decisions made during drilling and testing a well. A journey of data gathering, completion, and testing will continue the success. Well, Logging Books also provides the necessary parameters to get accurate static and dynamic results according to the reservoir that is to be constructed. This guide is the answer to their everyday problems. There are extra updated topics on NMR logging, core analysis, sampling, and interpretation of the data to give to the students of petroleum engineering fields.

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Well Logging and Formation Evaluation PDF Free Download

Well Logging and Formation Evaluation PDF Features

  • Well, Logging and Formation Evaluation consists of advanced logging techniques.
  • Available in both PDF and Hardcopy.
  • In it, Issues during Production Geology and Reservoir engineering are presented in detail.
  • It is written in easy English you will not face any difficulty in reading.
  • Every topic is explained in good detail.

Table of contents.

Chapter No1: Basics

Chapter No2: Quicklook Log Interpretation

Chapter No3: Full interpretation

Chapter No4: Saturation Height/Analysis

Chapter No5: Advanced log Interpretation Techniques

Chapter No6: Integration with Seismic

Chapter No7: Rock Mechanics Issues

Chapter No8: Value of Information

Chapter No9: Equity Determination

Chapter No10: Production Geology Issues

Chapter No11: Reservoir Engineering Issues

Chapter No12: Homing-In Techniques

Chapter No13: Well Deviation, Surveying, and Geosteering

Well Logging and Formation Evaluation PDF Free Download

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  • Philip Edem

    Please I will grateful for any materials on seismic interpretation, Basin evaluation, well log interpretation, petroleum geology, stratigraphic principles and some software that will assist me as a petroleum geophysicist. Thanks once more.


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