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The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs PDF Free Download

You can only derive good results from a reservoir when you are aware of its logs. This book is designed for the interpretation of different good logs. You can find many chapters related to the Stratigraphy of the formation. From the geological point of view, geological logs are discussed in this book. The author has presented all topics in very great detail. If you want to be familiar with good logging you must study this amazing book written by Malcolm Rider. You can download it free from our website. The following are features of this book.

Geological Interpretation of Well Logs PDF Free Download.

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Geological Interpretation of Well Logs PDF Features

  • This book consists of updated knowledge of the Geological Interpretation of Well Logging.
  • You will find an advanced concept of good logs
  • The book is written in soft wording so that everyone can read it.
  • It includes all the tables and diagrams of important topics.
  • The geological Interpretation of Well Logs is explained in good detail.


Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Introduction

Chapter No2: The Logging Environment

Chapter No3: Subsurface Pressure Measurement

Chapter No4: Temperature Logging

Chapter No5: Caliper Logs

Chapter No6: Self Potential Or SP Logs

Chapter No7: Resistivity Logs

Chapter No8: The Gamma Ray And Spectral Gamma Ray

Chapter No9: Sonic Or Acoustic Logs

Chapter No10: The Density And Photoelectric Factor Logs

Chapter No11: The Neutron Log

Chapter No12: Lithology Reconstruction From Logs

Chapter No13: NMR

Chapter No14: Dipmeter

Chapter No15: Image Logs

Chapter No16: Facies, Sequences And Depositional Environments From Logs

Chapter No17: Sequence Stratigraphy And Stratigraphy

Chapter No18: Conclusion

Geological Interpretation of Well Logs PDF Free Download

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