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Gas Purification Fifth Edition PDF Free Download

The purpose of Gas Purification Fifth Edition is to give information on techniques and processes which are used in the purification of different gases. Purification is one of that processes in which you have to take care of everything around the processing plant. Other unit operations working in gas purification processes, such as adsorption, catalytic conversion, thermal oxidation, permeation, and condensation are included in this book.

While the methods controlling toxic gases are also presented by authors in this book. It gives the great concept of the purification of gases and it contains a complete chapter of introduction to gas purification. Before downloading follow the main features of Gas Purification Fifth Edition.

Gas Purification Fifth Edition PDF Free Download

Gas Purification Fifth Edition PDF Features

  • It contains removal of following gases Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, and Control of Nitrogen Oxides.
  • The fifth edition contains update text f gas purification.
  • In this book, sixteen chapters of gas purification are explained.
  • Gas Purification Fifth Edition is available in the soft and hard format.
  • It is written in easy wording, you will not face any difficulty while reading.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Alkanolamines for Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide Removal

Chapter 3: Mechanical Design and Operation of Alkanolamine Plants

Chapter 4: Removal and Use of Ammonia in Gas Purification

Chapter 5: Alkaline Salt Solutions for Acid Gas Removal

Chapter 6: Water as an Absorbent for Gas Impurities

Chapter 7: Sulfur Dioxide Removal

Chapter 8: Sulfur Recovery Processes

Chapter 9: Liquid Phase Oxidation Processes for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Chapter 10: Control of Nitrogen Oxides

Chapter 11: Absorption of Water Vapor by Dehydrating Solutions

Chapter 12: Gas Dehydration and Purification by Adsorption

Chapter 13: Thermal and Catalytic Conversion of Gas Impurities

Chapter 14: Physical Solvents for Acid Gas Removal

Chapter 15: Membrane Permeation Processes

Chapter 16: Miscellaneous Gas Purification Techniques



Gas Purification Fifth Edition PDF Free Download

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