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Geology of Petroleum PDF Free Download

Basic Courses in the Geology of Petroleum are explained in this book. Petroleum geology comprises those geological fields of study which are of great importance for the finding and recovery of Petroleum Production. Geophysics and reservoir Engineers can find some text interesting in this book. The Author has tried to give an easy way for readers therefore this book is divided into five parts. You can easily find your topic of interest in this book. You can look over the features of the Geology of Petroleum PDF. Click on the download option and get it free.

Geology of Petroleum PDF Free Download.


Geology of petroleum PDF Features

  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology are presented in It
  • The detailed book of Petroleum Geology
  • It is written in easy English, You will not face any difficulty in understanding
  • This book is available in both hard and soft format
  • It is a recommended book in undergraduate level studies

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Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Introduction and Summary

Chapter No2: The Occurrence of Petroleum

Chapter No3: The Reservoir Rock

Chapter No4: The Reservoir Pore Spaces

Chapter No5: Reservoir Trap General and Structural

Chapter No6: Reservoir Trap Stratigraphic

Chapter No7: Reservoir Trap Combination and Salt Domes

Chapter No8: Reservoir Fluid 

Chapter No9: Reservoir Conditions

Chapter No10: Reservoir Mechanics

Chapter No11: The Origin of Petroleum

Chapter No12: Migration and Accumulation of Petroleum

Chapter No13: Subsurface of Geology

Chapter No14: The Petroleum Province

Chapter No15: The Petroleum Prospect

 Geology of Petroleum PDF Free Download

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