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Reservoir Formation Damage PDF Free Download

You will find a comprehensive review of the different types of formation damage problems coming from petroleum reservoirs. The causes and processes responsible for these problems are represented in detail. All the necessary effort for understanding and controlling the formation damage problems in the field is explained in this book. A brief executive summary of the topics related to formation damage is covered in the book. The responsibilities played by various Engineers, such as petroleum and chemical engineers, and others are described in this book.

Reservoir Formation Damage PDF Free Download

Reservoir Formation Damage PDF Features

  • This book provides an understanding of the fundamentals of formation damage.
  • The basic concept of formation damage is explained
  • It also includes Modeling of different rocks and fluids
  • It is written in easy English, You can Understand it easily.
  • Available in Both hard and soft format.

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Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Overview of Formation Damage

Chapter No2: Mineralogy and Mineral Sensitivity of Petroleum-Bearing Formations

Chapter No3: Petrography and Texture of Petroleum-Bearing Formations

Chapter No4: Petrophysics-Flow Functions and Parameters

Chapter No5: Permeability Relationships

Chapter No6: Instrumental and Laboratory Techniques for Characterization of Reservoir Rock

Chapter No7: Multi-Phase and Multi-Species Transport in Porous Media

Chapter No8: Participate Processes in Porous Media

Chapter No9: Crystal Growth and Scale Formation in Porous Media

Chapter No10: Single-Phase Formation Damage by Fines Migration and Clay Swelling

Chapter No11: Two-Phase Formation Damage by Fines Migration

Chapter No12: Cake Filtration: Mechanism, Parameters, and Modeling

Chapter No13: Inorganic Scaling and Geochemical Formation Damage

Chapter No14: Formation Damage by Organic Deposition

Chapter No15: Laboratory Evaluation of Formation Damage

Chapter No16: Simulator Development

Chapter No17: Model Assisted Analysis and Interpretation of Laboratory and Field Tests

Chapter No18: Drilling Mud Filtrate and Solids Invasion and Mudcake Formation

Chapter No19: Interjectivity of the Water-flooding Wells

Chapter No20: Reservoir Sand Migration and Gravel-Pack Damage: Stress-Induced Formation Damage, Sanding Tendency, Prediction, and Control

Chapter No21: Formation Damage by Scale Deposition

Chapter No22: Field Diagnosis and Measurement of Formation Damage

Chapter No23: Formation Damage Control and Remediation

Reservoir Formation Damage PDF Free Download

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