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Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining PDF Free Download

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining give primary concepts and an introduction to refinery topics. It also includes the thermophysical properties of petroleum fractions.  Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining contains great background knowledge which is needed for an understanding of refinery operations. Process engineering software would also be a great help.

Click on the download option and get this book free from our website. This book is one of the recommended books in the course outline for undergraduate and graduate students in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. If you want to study the fundamentals of the refinery, you must read out this book. Follow the main features of this book.

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Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining PDF Free Download

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining PDF Features

  • This book provides a great description of major refinery processes.
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining is the ideal book for getting the necessary background in the field and understanding new applications in the refining industry.
  • The pdf of this book will let you read it on your Personal computer.
  • The book includes fundamental topics which are not commonly considered important in refinery textbooks.
  • Each topic is explained with the basic concept, figures, and tables.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1: Introduction

Chapter No 2: Refinery Feedstocks and Products

Chapter No 3: Thermophysical Properties of Petroleum Fractions and Crude Oils

Chapter No 4: Crude Distillation

Chapter No 5: Catalytic Reforming and Isomerization

Chapter No 6: Thermal Cracking and Coking

Chapter No 7: Hydroconversion

Chapter No 8: Fluidised Catalytic Cracking

Chapter No 9: Product Blending

Chapter No 10: Alkylation

Chapter No 11: Hydrogen Production

Chapter No 12: Clean Fuels

Chapter No 13: Residue Upgrading

Chapter No 14: Safety in Petroleum Refineries

Chapter No 15: Acid Gas Processing and Mercaptans Removal

Chapter No 16: Refinery Economics

Chapter No 17: Environmental Aspects in Refining

Chapter No 18: Overall Refinery Case Study

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining PDF Free Download

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