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Petroleum Geoscience PDF Free Download

Petroleum Geology plays an important role in oil and gas industry while It is not a clear academic subject but It includes the study of Earth sciences which are necessary to know about exploration and production processes in the petroleum industry. Some fields that are most important to petroleum like sedimentary rocks, sedimentology, logging and seismic exploration, In this book these all fields are discussed. In this book, the basic introduction to disciplines relevant to petroleum exploration has been explained. You can download this book free from our website.

Petroleum Geoscience PDF Free Download

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Petroleum Geoscience PDF Features:

  • Geophysical Method has been defined in great details
  • It is an advanced book of petroleum geology latest information has been shared
  • You can download the free Petroleum Geoscience pdf and you can find the hard copy of this book.
  • It contains important topics of Geology.
  • The book includes Production Geology, 4D Seismic, Seismic Exploration, Stratigraphy, Well Logs

Table of Contents:

Chapter No 1: Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Chapter No 2: Introduction to Sedimentology

Chapter No 3: Sedimentary Geochemistry

Chapter No 4: Sandstones and Sandstone Reservoirs

Chapter No 5: Carbonate Sediments

Chapter No 6: Shales, Silica Deposits, and Evaporites

Chapter No 7: Stratigraphy

Chapter No 8: Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Stratigraphy

and Basin Analysis

Chapter No 9: Heat Transport in Sedimentary Basins

Chapter No 10: Subsurface Water and Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basins

Chapter No 11: Introduction to Geomechanics: Stress and Strain

in Sedimentary Basins

Chapter No 12: The Structure and Hydrocarbon Traps of Sedimentary Basins

Chapter No 13: Compaction of Sedimentary Rocks Including Shales,

Sandstones and Carbonates

Chapter No 14: Source Rocks and Petroleum Geochemistry

Chapter No 15: Petroleum Migration

Chapter No 16: Well Logs: A Brief Introduction

Chapter No 17: Seismic Exploration

Chapter No 18: Explorational Rock Physics – The Link Between Geological

Processes and Geophysical Observables

Chapter No 19: 4D Seismic

Chapter No 20: Production Geology

Chapter No 21: Unconventional Hydrocarbons: Oil Shales, Heavy Oil,

Tar Sands, Shale Gas and Gas Hydrates

Chapter No 22: Geology of the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Petroleum Geoscience PDF Free Download:

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I am Faizan Gul, a Blogger and Petroleum Engineering graduate from Quetta, Balochistan. My aim for creating this website is to provide free books for the students and professionals working in different departments of Petroleum Engineering.

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