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Handbook of Petroleum Analysis PDF Free Download

In this book, various features of petroleum analysis are explained. It also provides a detailed explanation of the necessary procedures that are practical to feedstocks and behaviour of Petroleum Fractions. The science of Petroleum Analytical is the set of understanding the problems of processing various feedstocks. This book examines the way that analytical science has been applied to defining the properties and behaviour of the different supply frame that are used in the petroleum refining industry.

This book describes the application of new methods for determining instability and analytical methods related to environmental adjustment. The book provides details of the meaning of the various test results The focus of the book is the analysis of crude oil.

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Handbook of Petroleum Analysis PDF Free Download

Handbook of Petroleum Analysis PDF Features

  • This book helps in the understanding of the criteria for quality of petroleum and petroleum products.
  • The aim of the book is the analysis of crude oil, with importance on overall product analysis.
  • Total fifteen chapters are presented in this book.
  • Download the pdf of this book and read it in your laptop and personal computers.
  • You can download it free from our website

Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Definitions and History

Chapter No2: Chemical Composition

Chapter No3: Classification

Chapter No4: Physical Properties

Chapter No5: Thermal Properties

Chapter No6: Electrical and Optical Properties

Chapter No7: Spectroscopic Methods

Chapter No8: Chemical Methods

Chapter No9: Fractional Composition

Chapter No10: Chromatographic Analysis

Chapter No11: Structural Group Analysis

Chapter No12: Molecular Weight

Chapter No13: Instability and Incompatibility

Chapter No14: Use of the Data – The Structure of Petroleum

Chapter No15: Use of the Data – Mapping and Predictability

Handbook of Petroleum Analysis PDF Free Download

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