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Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering PDF L. P. Dake Free Download

The purpose of the book is to present the basic physics of reservoir engineering, using the simplest and easy mathematical techniques. It is the book, Through which you can understand the physics of different reservoirs that the engineer can hope to appreciate and solve complex reservoir engineering problems in a practical manner. In this book, Important theory and practice of well testing and pressure analysis techniques are explained, which are probably the most important factors in the whole of reservoir engineering.

You can get this book free from our website by clicking download option mentioned below of this article. The author has presented comprehensive information in this book in an excellent and friendly manner. Total of ten chapters are presented in it. In the start of this book, You will find the list of all important figures, tables, and equations related to reservoir engineering. Following are the main features of fundamental reservoir engineering by L.P. Dake.

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering PDF Features.

  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering is the best book in which basic background and concept of the reservoir is discussed.
  • It is available both in hard and soft formats so you can get any and read it in your laptops and personal computers.
  • The book contains a list of important figures, graphs, and tables as well.
  • It is very easy to read and understandable.
  • It is One of the recommended book in the course outline of reservoir engineering.

Table Of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Some Basic Concepts in Reservoir Engineering.

CHAPTER 2: PVT Analysis for Oil.

CHAPTER 3: Material Balance Applied to Oil Reservoirs.

CHAPTER 4: Darcy’s Law and Applications.

CHAPTER 5: The Basic Differential Equation for Radial Flow in Porous Medium.

CHAPTER 6: Well Inflow Equations for Stabilized Flow Conditions.

CHAPTER 7: The Constant Terminal Rate Solution of the radial Diffusivity Equation and Its Application to Oil Well Testing.

CHAPTER 8: Real Gas Flow: Gas Well Testing.

CHAPTER 9: Natural Water Influx.

CHAPTER 10: Immiscible Displacement.

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering PDF Free Download.

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