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Petroleum Engineering Handbook Volume 2 PDF Larry W. Lake Free Download

This handbook series has a total of 7 volumes and today we are going to share volume 2 of this series which is about drilling engineering. This volume is intended to provide a good snapshot of the drilling state of the art. All the general and basic concepts related to the drilling stage have been discussed in good detail. The resulting product of this handbook represents the best current thinking on the various technical subjects covered in the Handbook.

Almost all Drilling Processes and activities are presented in an excellent manner, and important problems along with solutions are explained in this book. It is one of the updated and new handbooks in the course outline of drilling. To get this book, you can click the free Petroleum Engineering Handbook Volume 2 PDF link at the end of this article. Let us now discuss its features.

Petroleum Engineering Handbook Volume 2 PDF Features.

  • There is expanded coverage in several areas such as Horizontal Drilling and offshore Drilling units.
  • It contains entirely new coverage on Drilling Engineering and Emerging and Peripheral Technologies.
  • Electronic versions are available in addition to the standard-bound volumes.
  • Important field diagrams, tables, and charts are given alongside each topic.
  • This is the most demanded book series in petroleum engineering.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1: Geo mechanics Applied to Drilling Engineering.

Chapter No 2: Drilling Fluids.

Chapter No 3: Fluid Mechanics for Drilling.

Chapter No 4: Well Control: Procedures and Principles.

Chapter No 5: Introduction to Roller-Cone and Polycrystalline Diamond Drill Bits.

Chapter No 6: Directional Drilling.

Chapter No 7: Casing Design.

Chapter No 8: Introduction to Wellhead Systems.Chapter NNo9:Cementing.Chapter No10: Drilling Problems and Solutions.

Chapter No 11: Introduction to Well Planning.

Chapter No 12: Under-balanced Drilling.

Chapter No 13: Emerging Drilling Technologies.

Chapter No 14: Offshore Drilling Units.

Chapter  No 15: Drilling-Data Acquisitio.

Chapter No 16: Coiled-Tubing Well Intervention and Drilling Operations.

Download Petroleum Engineering Handbook Volume 2 PDF Free.

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