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Well Testing

Well Testing by John Lee Pdf Free Download

After the completion of drilling comes the stage of well testing where our well is tested for different things such as well productivity, reservoir pressure, and some other factors which are going to play an important part in the production stage. No doubt that this is one of the most important stages and that’s when an engineer needs to be really careful. Being a student of petroleum engineering, you need to have good concepts of diffusivity equations, transient and deliverability tests, and continuity equations.

A book that is really going to help you with all this is Well Testing by John Lee. Once you have read the features and table of contents, you are going to know what’s in this book for you. Also, download the free Well Testing by John Lee Pdf at the end of this page. So let us now discuss this book.

Well Testing by John Lee Pdf

Well, Testing by John Lee Pdf Features.

Here is a list of all the features which you are going to get from this pdf.

1. The book has a total of six chapters in which all the concepts of well testing are summed up.
2. This is the most demanded and read book for the subject of well testing.
3. Getting the pdf book allows you to read this book on your tablets and computers.
4. Each topic is explained with a basic definition, diagrams, and tables.
5. Both surface well testing, drill stem testing, and their equipment are explained in detail.

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Table of Contents.

Here is a list of all the chapters present in this book.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Fluid Flow in Porous Media.
Chapter 2: Pressure Buildup Tests.
Chapter 3: Flow Tests.
Chapter 4: Analysis of Well Tests using Type Curves.
Chapter 5: Gas Well Testing.
Chapter 6: Other Well Tests.
Appendix A: Development of Different Equations for Flow in Porous Media.
Appendix B: Dimensionless Variables.
Appendix C: Van Everdingen and Hurst Solutions to Diffusivity Equations.
Appendix D: Rock and Fluid Property Correlations.
Appendix E: A General Theory of Well Testing.
Appendix F: Use of SI Units in Well-Testing Equations.
Appendix G: Answers to Selected Exercises.

Download Well Testing by John Lee Pdf Free.

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    I am student at the university of Juba .
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    Hello , does any one have a solution manual ? Or any one slove the exercises ?
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