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Well Testing

Well Testing: Interpretation Methods PDF Free Download

The aim of this book is to study the technical reference for engineers and technicians in the well-testing phase. In this book, lots of interpretation methods are defined which is going to help you a lot in testing a good performance. And there are many mathematical discussions in this book for better understanding. If you want to study the origin of interesting topics, references are given at the end of this book.

In this book, each topic is illustrated with a large number of figures and practical examples to make it easy for readers. The text in this book shows how the interpretation of a good test varies according to the type of reservoir limits. You can download this book free from our website. Click on the download option at the end of this article. Follow the main features of Well Testing: Interpretation Methods PDF.

Well Testing: Interpretation Methods PDF Features.

  • It is the most recommended book in the well-testing course outline.
  • There are many important topics that are presented in this book in a very easy way.
  • This book deals with tests applied to multiple wells, including interference tests and pulse tests.
  • It is written in very easy wording.
  • Topics are explained with basics and quite useful text is used with each topic.

Table of contents

Chapter No1: Principles of Well Testing

Chapter No2: Wellbore Storage

Chapter No3: Skin

Chapter No4: Conventional Interpretation Methods

Chapter No5: Type Curves

Chapter No6: The Derivative

Chapter No7: Linear Sealing Faults

Chapter No8: Channels

Chapter No9: Intersecting Faults

Chapter No10: Constant Pressure Boundary

Chapter No11: Closed Reservoir

Chapter No12: Productivity Index

Chapter No13: Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Chapter No14: Two Layered Reservoirs

Chapter No15: Partial Penetration Reservoirs

Chapter No16: Slanted Wells

Chapter No17: Artificially Fractured Reservoirs

Chapter No18: Horizontal Wells

Chapter No19: Injection Wells

Chapter No20: Gas Wells

Chapter No21: Multiphase Flow

Chapter No22: Interface Tests

Chapter No23: Pulse Tests

Well Testing: Interpretation Methods PDF Free Download

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