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Drilling Engineering PDF Free Download

It is one of the important processes in the oil and gas industry. If you are driller or drilling engineer you must have enough knowledge to solve errors or other problems during drilling. The main purpose of this book is to explain and introduce the basics of drilling. In the course outline of Petroleum Engineering drilling engineering is a major subject.  Boreholes problems are discussed in great details.

The introduction to the principles and some necessary procedures in drilling engineering are explained in good details. Plus point about this book is that all chapters contain a theoretical introduction, as well as examples and exercises. You can understand it quickly. You can download this book free from our website. Click on download option at the end of this article.

Drilling Engineering PDF Features

  • References for further readings are given at the end of this book.
  • Necessaryequations and procedures to solve the exercises are presented throughout in this book.
  • All the important text related to drilling are used in this book.
  • A Recommended book in the course outline drilling engineering.
  • The PDF file is attached, you can download it free from here.

Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Introduction

Chapter No2: Rotary Drilling Rig

Chapter No3: Geomechanics

Chapter No4: Drilling Hydraulics

Chapter No5: Drilling Bits

Chapter No6: Drillstring Design

Chapter No7: Drilling Fluid

Chapter No8: Casing Design

Chapter No9: Directional Drilling and Deviation Control

Chapter No10: Borehole Problems

Chapter No11: Kick Control and Blowout Prevention

Chapter No12: Cementing

Drilling Engineering PDF Free Download

Faizan Gul

I am Faizan Gul, a Blogger and Petroleum Engineering graduate from Quetta, Balochistan. My aim for creating this website is to provide free books for the students and professionals working in different departments of Petroleum Engineering.

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    frist of all I have great thank for this web makers and their allies for preparing important notes and books for us

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