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Well Logging for Earth Scientists PDF Free Download

The main purpose of this book is to clarify the Well Log analysis. With the help of this analysis, we can determine the existence of hydrocarbons. Such useful texts are used in this book you will find it all interesting. In this book, the physical fundamentals of good logging are explained. There are lots of measurements you need to do assumptions and approximations. This book will give you much knowledge about these kinds of assumptions and approximations.

In Well Logging for Earth Scientists by Darwin V. Ellis and Julian M. Singer contains updating of the text, the authors have attempted to include all of the new logging measurement technology developed in the last twenty years and to enlarge the petrophysical applications of the measurements. Download the PDF of this book and start studying this book today. Keep visiting our website for upcoming latest books.

Well Logging for Earth Scientists PDF Features.

  • It is a detailed book of good logging, divided into twenty-three chapters.
  • Each chapter is explained with references and problems at the end.
  • Topics are explained with an easy concept and you will understand it quickly.
  • Diagrams and plots are given for easy understanding.
  • This book is written by well-qualified authors.

Table of Contents

Chapter No1: An Overview of Well Logging

Chapter No2: Introduction to Well Log Interpretation: Finding the Hydrocarbon

Chapter No3: Basic Resistivity and Spontaneous Potential

Chapter No4: Empiricism: The Cornerstone of Interpretation

Chapter No5: Resistivity: Electrode Devices and How They Evolved

Chapter No6: Other Electrode and Toroid Devices

Chapter No7: Resistivity: Induction Devices

Chapter No8: Multi-Array and Triaxial Induction Devices

Chapter No9: Propagation Measurements

Chapter No10: Basic Nuclear Physics for Logging Applications: Gamma Rays

Chapter No11: Gamma Ray Devices

Chapter No12: Gamma Ray Scattering and Absorption Measurements

Chapter No13: Basic Neutron Physics for Logging Applications

Chapter No14: Neutron Porosity Devices

Chapter No15: Pulsed Neutron Devices and Spectroscopy

Chapter No16: Nuclear Magnetic Logging

Chapter No17: Introduction to Acoustic Logging

Chapter No18: Acoustic Waves in Porous Rocks and Boreholes

Chapter No19: Acoustic Logging Methods

Chapter No20: High Angle and Horizontal Wells

Chapter No21: Clay Quantification

Chapter No22: Lithology and Porosity Estimation

Chapter No23: Saturation and Permeability Estimation

Well Logging for Earth Scientists PDF Free Download

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