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Petrophysics By Djebbar Tiab and Erle C. Donaldson PDF Free Download

This book represents the great concept of porous rocks and their interactions. To be aware of hydrocarbons’ presence beneath the earth’s surface, you must have a good command of its basics. In this book, all the important theories and laboratory procedures are presented with an easy concept. This book contains more latest topics than the previous edition. In this book, necessary procedures are brought together from different sources to know about hydrocarbons.

Mineralogy, petrology, and geology play an important role in petrophysical properties, these all are explained in good detail in this book. The PDF file of this book is available on our website. Click on the download option and download it free from here. Keep visiting and sharing our site for upcoming latest books. Follow the main features and table of contents of this book.

Petrophysics By Djebbar Tiab and Erle C. Donaldson PDF Features

  • The Appendix, covering petrophysics laboratory experiments is given in this book.
  • The main topics covered in this book are, geological and engineering classifications of natural fractures, indicators of natural fractures, determination of fracture porosity and permeability, fracture intensity index, and porosity partitioning coefficient.
  • Each topic is explained with figures, and tables, and explained in a friendly way.
  • This unique book belongs on the bookshelf of every petroleum engineer and petroleum geologist.
  • There are total of nineteen experiments presented at the last of this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter No1: Introduction to Mineralogy

Chapter No2: Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Chapter No3: Porosity and Permeability

Chapter No4: Formation Resistivity and Water Saturation

Chapter No5: Capillary Pressure

Chapter No6: Wettability

Chapter No7: Applications of Darcy’s Law

Chapter No8: Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Introduction

Chapter No9: Effect of Stress on Rock Properties

Chapter No10: Fluid-rock Interaction


Petrophysics By Djebbar Tiab and Erle C. Donaldson PDF Free Download

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  • pls add a textbook of subsurface production operation. God bless u,thanks


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