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Surface Production Operations Pdf Free Download

Surface Production Operations, 2nd edition” is a comprehensive guide that covers the technical and operational aspects of surface production operations in the oil and gas industry. The book provides a detailed understanding of the processes involved in producing oil and gas, including reservoir management, well completion, and production equipment. The author explores the design, construction, and operation of surface production facilities, including oil and gas separators, treating equipment, and storage tanks.

The book covers various types of production operations, including primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery methods. The book also includes discussions on environmental and safety considerations in surface production operations, including regulations, hazards, and risk management. The author provides practical tips and techniques for improving production efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

“Surface Production Operations, 2nd edition” is a valuable resource for professionals in the oil and gas industry, including production engineers, technicians, and managers. The book provides a comprehensive overview of surface production operations, including practical applications, case studies, and illustrations that help readers understand the complex processes involved in producing oil and gas.

Edition: Second
Author: Ken Arnold
Publish Date: 1998
Language: English

surface production operations pdf

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