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Well Testing

Gas Well Testing by David A. T. PDF Free Download

A book on Gas well testing, is really going to help you in those well from which gas is will produce. After drilling the stage comes for a well is well testing. In this stage well is tested for some important factors. Which has a huge effect on reservoir performance. Once you have read the features and table of contents, you will know what information is used for gas well testing. Also, download the free Gas Well Testing by David Pdf at the end of this page.

Six Chapters along with Appendix and units are presented in this book. While testing a well is a critical stage for engineers because a small mistake can change the result of that testing. You have to read and learn all the important considerations in well-testing. The author has presented these considerations in a very excellent manner. You will not face any difficulty in understanding.

Gas Well Testing PDF Features.

Here is a list of some of the main features of the book.

  1. This book has an important Appendix list
  2. Whole concepts of gas well testing are summed up.
  3. This is the most demanded and read book for the subject of well testing.
  4. Getting the pdf book allows you to read this book on your tablets and computers.
  5. Each topic is explained with a basic definition, diagrams, and tables.

Table of Contents.

Chapter No 1: Conventional and Isochronal Tests.

Chapter No 2: Additional Testing Options.

Chapter No 3: Additional Testing Considerations.

Chapter No 4: Procedure and Regulations.

Chapter No 5: Field test and Interpretations.

Chapter No 6: Exercises.

Nomenclature and Units

Appendix  A: Derivations of Continuity Equation.

Appendix  B: Analytical Solution of the Diffusivity Equation.

Appendix  C: Skin Due to restricting entry.

Appendix  D: Determinations of Super Compressibility factors and Viscosity.

Appendix  E: Orifice coefficients.

Appendix  F: Sample Data Reporting forms.

Download Gas Well Testing by David A. T. PDF Free.

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