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Casing Design, Theory and Practice PDF Free Download

Casing design is one of the important activities in the Oil and Gas industry. It has followed an evolutionary trend and most improvements have been made due to the advancement of technology. Therefore It’s important to know all information related to Casing Design. This book contains together much available information on the subject area and shows how it may be used in deciding the best procedure for casing design.

Contributions to the technology in casing design have come from fundamental research and field tests, which have made casing safe and economical. Casing Design plays a vital role in the production of fluids coming from the reservoir, we can face many problems in the casing. Those problems and their solutions, which are provided in each chapter of this book are explained in very good detail. In this book, the basic concept of casing design is presented in a good manner. The authors have used easy wording, You will not face any difficulty in understanding.

Casing Design, Theory and Practice PDF Free Download.

Casing Design, Theory, and Practice PDF Features.

  • In this book problems and their solutions related to Casing, are provided in each chapter of this book.
  • Corrosion is also explained in good detail in this book.
  • The best procedure for casing design is explained in it.
  • The book contains important diagrams, graphs, and tables as well.
  • It is very easy to read and understandable.

 Table Of Contents

Chapter No. 1: Fundamental Aspects of Casing Design.

Chapter No2: Performance Properties of Casing Under Load Conditions.

Chapter No. 3: Principles of Casing Design.

Chapter No4: Casing Design For Special Applications.

Chapter No5: Computer-aided Casing Design.

Chapter No6: An Introduction to Corrosion and Protection of Casing.

APPENDIX A Nomenclature

APPENDIX B Lone Star Price List

APPENDIX C The Computer Program

APPENDIX D Specific Weigh and Density.

Casing Design, Theory, and Practice PDF Free Download

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