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Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering PDF By Robert F. Mitchell Free Download

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering is an update of the classic Applied Drilling Engineering, takes a new look at the basics of drilling engineering. Chapters are written by experts from industry and academia and provide numerous example problems to reinforce the concepts presented. This book is essential for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry professionals trying to gain detailed knowledge of basic drilling concepts.

A general textbook must cover all these topics at greater than superficial depth and with the reasonable balance in an abbreviated form. This book on drilling fluids fills more than 600 pages, while Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering must cover similar topics are also discussed. Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering from Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Series is one of the important books in drilling course outline It was done by some of the top professors from different petroleum universities of the world.

Problems of topic selection, condensation, and presentation must be solved for each of the other disciplines covered in the textbook. Because the book must be useful for introductory studies, intermediate studies, and post-graduate studies, each topic not only must cover elementary concepts but also include more advanced topics. You can download this book free from our website at the end of this article.

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering PDF Features.

Here is a list of some of the top features of the book.

This book is intended primarily for junior and senior petroleum engineering students in a four-year university level.
The book on drilling fluid fills more than 600 pages. Each topic is explained in great detail.
This book is written in easy English words and can be understood easily.
It talks about all the basic concepts of drilling and other operations related to it.
The book is available both in hard and pdf formats.

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Table of Contents

Chapter No 1: Introduction to rotary drilling.

Chapter No 2: Introduction to geomechanics in drilling.

Chapter No 3: Drilling fluids.

Chapter No 4: Cementing.

Chapter No 5: Drilling Hydraulics.

Chapter No 6: Rotary drilling bits.

Chapter No 7: Casing design.

Chapter No 8: Directional drilling.

Chapter no 9: Fundamentals of drill string design.

Chapter No 10: Drilling problems.

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering PDF Free Download

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