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Well Test Analysis M.A. Sabet PDF Free Download

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a basic understanding of testing a well. Well Test Analysis explains you through the mathematics and interpretations of different test of well testing, like drawdown and pressure buildup testing, multirate flow testing, and wellbore effects. This book contains all important knowledge regarding testing a well. While testing a well is one of important stage for engineers to look over the overall performance of reservoir. It presents an overview of current research models and their equations in relation to gas wells, naturally fractured reservoirs, layered reservoirs, and injection wells. It explains how to use the information gained in well testing to make engineering and economic decisions. Total eleven chapters are presented in it. The author has presented all topics in good and easy way , You can understand each topics easily , SO download it free from here. This book also covers gas well testing topics , also defines different equipment used during testing a well.

Well Test Analysis PDF Features.

  1. All important tests are explained in this book.
  2. This is the advanced and most demanded book course outline of of well testing.
  3. Getting the pdf book allows you to read this book on your tablets and computers.
  4. Each topics and Tests are explained with a basic definition, diagrams, and tables
  5. You won’t face difficulty understanding it since the text used is quite easy.

Table Of Contents

Chapter No 1: Fundamentals of Draw down Testing
Chapter No 2: Fundamentals of Pressure Buildup Testing
Chapter No 3: Fundamentals of Multi rate Flow Testing
Chapter No 4: Well bore Effects
Chapter No 5: Gas Well Testing
Chapter No 6: Testing of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Chapter No 7: Testing of Layered Reservoirs
Chapter No 8: Interference and Pulse Testing
Chapter No 9: Drill Stem, Closed Chamber, and Slug Testing
Chapter No 10: Injection Well Testing
Chapter No 11: A Bridge Between Theory and Practice

Download Well Test Analysis M.A. Sabet PDF Free.



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