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Well Engineering and Construction PDF Free Download

Well is a pathway to hydrocarbons from the reservoir to stock tanks. As a student of the Petroleum and Gas department, you must be aware of engineering related to well. This book will help you gain knowledge about well engineering and construction and you can click here to find more interesting facts about this topic. It contains fifteen chapters that cover almost a major part of the basics of well and activities related to well. The PDF file is available to click on download and gets it free from our website.

Important processes like cementing, casing design principles, and all the necessary components are explained in this book. You will get such an easy concept of each topic in this book. Following are the main features of this Well Engineering and Construction.

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Well Engineering and Construction PDF Free Download

Well Engineering & Construction PDF Features.

  • It covers basics of Well Information and explained with easy way.
  • Written in quite easy wording. You can understand easily.
  • It consists of each topic with an advanced concept.
  • Available in pdf which allows you to study this book on your Personal computers.
  • Each chapter starts with basic to an advanced concept.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: Pore Pressure

Chapter 2: Formation Integrity Tests

Chapter 3: Kick Tolerance

Chapter 4 : Casing Functions & Types

Chapter 5: Casing Design Principles

Chapter 6: Cementing

Chapter 7: Drilling Fluids

Chapter 8: Practical Rig Hydraulics

Chapter 9: Drill Bits

Chapter 10: Drillstring Design

Chapter 11: Directional Drilling

Chapter 12: Hole Problems

Chapter 13: Horizontal & Multilateral Wells

Chapter 14: Rig Components

Chapter 15: Well Costing

Well Engineering and Construction PDF Free Download

Faizan Gul

I am Faizan Gul, a Blogger and Petroleum Engineering graduate from Quetta, Balochistan. My aim for creating this website is to provide free books for the students and professionals working in different departments of Petroleum Engineering.

3 thoughts on “Well Engineering and Construction PDF Free Download

  • Adil aziz

    How can i get the book
    “Well engineering and construction” by Rabia in free ?

    • Faizan Gul

      If it’s not available on our site then we will try to bring it soon. Just stay tuned to Petroleum Pdf, dear 🙂


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