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Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF Marcel Latil Free Download

The hydrocarbons present in a petroleum reservoir are first produced through the primary recovery and through natural drive mechanisms. When we start getting lesser production from that, we move on to the secondary recovery methods and the last resort are enhanced oil recovery techniques. Due to its huge importance, enhanced oil recovery has become a major discipline in the field of petroleum engineering and being a student of the discipline, you have got to learn it well. To do that, you are going to need a book like Enhanced Oil Recovery by Marcel Latil which is currently the best and most recommended books for the subject. It is because all the concepts related to EOR are explained very weill in this book. When you get it, you will know why. To get the book from our site, download the free Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF at the end of this article.

Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF

Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF Features.

Here are some of the major features which you are going from this enhanced oil recovery manual.

  • This is one of the most recommended and demanded book to study this subject.
  • All the concepts of enhanced oil recovery such as factors common to all EOR methods, linear displacement, water injection, and gas injection are all explained in good detail.
  • All the topics start with an introduction, then comes the definition and then the writer move towards the details.
  • Every topics is explained with diagrams, examples, and tables.
  • This book is available both in hard and PDF Formats.
  • It is written in easy English wording and in a student friendly manner.

Table of Contents.

Here is a list of all the chapters in this book.

Chapter 1: Factors Common to All Enhanced Recovery Methods.
Chapter 2: Water Injection.
Chapter 3: Gas Injection in an Oil Reservoir.
Chapter 4: Miscible Drive.
Chapter 5: Gas Recycling in Gas Condensate Reservoirs.
Chapter 6: Thermal Recovery Methods.
Chapter 7: Other Methods of Enhanced Recovery.

Download Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF Free.

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  • JAtin uniyal

    i m not able to download file . can u send me the book .
    i m preparing for GATE exam , this book is of great help .
    it would be very kind of you


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