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Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF By E.C. Donaldson Free Download

In this Volume of the books, all the Processes and Operations of Enhanced Oil Recovery are presented in great detail. This book contains reviews and summarizes state-of-the-art progress in the field of enhanced oil recovery (EOR). All of the available techniques: alkaline flooding, surfactant flooding, carbon dioxide flooding, steam flooding, in-situ combustion, gas injection, miscible flooding, and polymer flooding are discussed in this book. I

f you want to study all these topics you need to download Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF By E.C. Donaldson Free from our website. It presents a complete text on enhanced recovery technology and, hence, is an almost a good reference text. This second volume complements the first by presenting as complete an analysis as possible of current oilfield theory and technology, This book will aid the engineer in-field evaluation and selection of the best EOR technology for a given oilfield. Let’s follow the features of this book.

Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF By E.C. Donaldson Free Download


Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF By E.C. Donaldson Features.

  • This is one of the most recommended and demanded books to study this subject.
  • It is an updated book in Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • All the concepts of enhanced oil recovery are explained in good detail.
  • Every topic is explained with diagrams, examples, and tables.
  • This book is available both in hard and PDF Formats.

 Table Of Contents.

Chapter No1: Introduction.

Chapter No2: Geological Factors in Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Chapter No3: Determination of Residual Oil Saturation Based on Geophysical Well Logging Techniques.

Chapter No4: Gas Injection.

Chapter No5: Miscible Flooding.

Chapter No6: Carbon Dioxide Flooding.

Chapter No7: Polymer Flooding.

Chapter No8: Polyacrylamides.

Chapter No9: Alkaline Flooding.

Chapter No10: Use of Surfactants in Oil Recovery.

Chapter No11: Steam flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Chapter No12: Operational Aspects of Steam Injection Processes.

Chapter No13: In-situ Combustion Technology.

Chapter No14: Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Chapter No15: Evaluation and Monitoring of Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects Based on Geophysical Well Logging Techniques.

Chapter No16: Environmental Factors Associated with Oil Recovery.

Enhanced Oil Recovery PDF By E.C. Donaldson Free Download

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