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Halliburton Petroleum Well Construction PDF Free Download

Halliburton is one of the famous company in the Oil and Gas industry. While this book is published by John Wiley and Sons. And there are lots of contributors who really helped in many chapters of this book. In this book, essential technologies of the petroleum industry are presented along with good details. Major contributors were employed by Halliburton. All the text used in this book is the experience output of such employs.

The transfer of such kind of knowledge is essential to the petroleum industry. Total of eighteen chapters is presented to explain well construction from basic to the advanced concept. The book is written in easy English, you will not face any difficulty while studying. Follow the main features of this book.

Halliburton Petroleum Well Construction PDF Features.

  • This is one of the detailed books of good construction.
  • This book covers all the important topics in this field.
  • Each topic is explained with a good example and necessary figures.
  • The PDF file is attached you can download it free from our website.
  • For better understanding nomenclature is given at the start of this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Drilling and Well Completions
Chapter 2 Directional Drilling
Chapter 3 Horizontal, Multilateral and Multibranch Wells in Petroleum
Production Engineering
Chapter 4 Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD), Logging-While-Drilling
(LWD) and Geosteering
Chapter 5 Rock Mechanics in Wellbore Construction
Chapter 6 Primary Cementing
Chapter 7 Formation-Fluid Migration After Cementing
Chapter 8 Cement-Sheath Evaluation
Chapter 9 Remedial Cementing
Chapter 10 Perforating
Chapter 11 Completion Hardware
Chapter 12 Inflow Performance/Tubing Performance
Chapter 13 Artificial-Lift Completions
Chapter 14 Well Stimulation
Chapter 15 Sand Stabilization and Exclusion
Chapter 16 High-Permeability Fracturing
Chapter 17 Water Control
Chapter 18 Designing Well Completions for the Life of the Field

Halliburton Petroleum Well Construction PDF Free Download

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