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Surface Operations in Petroleum Production Volume 2 PDF Free Download

Surface Operations in Petroleum Production Second volume presents a detailed theory of surface oilfield practices which includes gas flow rate measurement, cementing, fracturing, acidizing, and gravel packing. You will study all these practices in this book. The important analysis is explained which can be used by an engineer to solve different good problems. In it, all the treatment operations of the well are explained.

Corrosion has a great economic effect on Petroleum field. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of the corrosion in petroleum engineering and methods that have proved for the elimination of corrosion. Modern oilfield technology is also explained in it. As a student, you need an advanced study in petroleum production and this book will help you in advance studies of this field. Enhanced oil recovery is one of the important practices in petroleum production. The authors have presented comprehensive knowledge about EOR. This book is one of the recommended books in the production course outline. Read the features of this book below.

Surface Operations in Petroleum Production, II, Volume PDF Features.

  • Every topic is explained with diagrams, examples, and tables.
  • This book is available both in hard and PDF Formats.
  • Easy English wording is used you will not face any difficulty in understanding.
  • It covers different topics of different subjects like Corrosion, EOR and Flow rate measurement.
  • Sample experiments for petroleum engineering students are presented in this book.

Table Of Contents

Chapter No 1: Introduction

Chapter No 2: Flow Rate Measurement

Chapter No 3: The Manufacture, Chemistry, and Classification of Oilwell Cements and Additives

Chapter No 4: Fracturing

Chapter No 5: Acidizing Oil wells

Chapter No 6: Gravel Packing

Chapter No 7: Steam Enhanced Oil Recovery

Chapter No 8: Corrosion in Drilling and Producing Operations

Chapter No 9: Water Quality for Subsurface Injection

Chapter No 10: Offshore Technology

Chapter No 11: Pollution Control

Chapter No 12: Underground Storage of Gas and Oil

Appendix A: Technology of Testing Petroleum Products and Sample Experiments.

Appendix B: Conversion of Units.

Download Surface Operations in Petroleum Production Volume 2 PDF:

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